Special projects

Annual all-Ukraine contest of video recording of legal trials, aimed at recording not only breaches at courts, but examples of model professional behavior of judges, lawyers, prosecutors, participants of judicial examinations and awarding of activists – contestants in every category.
The project focuses on 20 high-profile court cases, which are crucially important for the whole society reflecting the condition of Ukrainian judiciary system (Murder of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes case, Crackdown on Dissent by Yanukovich Regime case, Popov against Activists case etc.). These cases are uploaded in the form of analysis reports with photo and video content, and conclusions by the experts.
The project involves random inspection visit of any court selected by the project’s team on the grounds of objective standards. On completion of raid a map of violations in the court is produced being based on direct outreach. The raid lasts for 1 business day. On completion of it the report is prepared: documental data and infographics.
The project involves systematic database fill-up with information on judges who implicated themselves in high-profile corruption scandals, which is highlighted in media sources.
The project includes staged and systematic fact-finding about judges, who disgrace the honor of the whole judiciary establishment, disregarding ethic standards and sense of responsibility of a court to a person. The project team puts online video evidence and prepares analysis findings. The goal is to give rise to zero patience of the society (and judges) to those judges, who discredit the profession.
The project discovers courts from all over Ukraine named Leninskyi, Pervomayskyi etc. and makes infographics and an online map of them. Based on the results, the project team prepares an executive summary on courts renaming.
The project involves receiving objective findings in the form of statistic reports, diagrams, and tables on statutory non-compliance by judges before announcement of court decisions in the Unified State Register of Court Decisions.
The project involves detection of court decisions bearing the marks of knowingly unjust, from the open sources, as well as through cooperation with law unions, individual lawyers, and citizens, preparation of crime incident report, informing the society on the results of monitoring of criminal trial against the judge under Article 375 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine
The project involves supervision of the process of bringing the judges to responsibility by the authorized bodies both at the addresses of organization’s activists or any other persons.