Роман Куйбіда Роман Куйбіда, експерт з судової реформи

У 2015 році президент вніс гучний за назвою закон «Про забезпечення права на справедливий суд». Одне з досягнень, яке демонстрували, було, що відтепер дозволено проводити відеозапис без дозволу суду. Журналісти та громадськість почали користуватися цим правом. Навіть було створено ресурс під назвою «Відкритий Суд», де зібрано величезну кількість відео з різних судових засідань.
Віктор Чумак Віктор Чумак, Народний депутат України

Законами про зміну процесуальних кодексів взагалі згортаються ті питання, які в 2015 році існували в межах проекту «Відкритий Суд». І якщо пройдуть ці проекти законів, то ми отримаємо абсолютно повне суддівське свавілля під час проведення розгляду будь-яких справ.  
Borys Gulko Borys Gulko, Chairman of the High Specialized Court of Ukraine for Civil and Criminal Cases

“I wish all courts participated in this project, because our job is no place for closeness. Besides, video recording protects also judges themselves”. 
Algirdas Semeta Algirdas Semeta, Business Ombudsman of Ukraine

“Such effective measures of the judicial reform must be supported” 
Luc Jacobs Luc Jacobs, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Belgium to Ukraine

“I support this initiative”
Oleksandr Motsyk Oleksandr Motsyk, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to USA

“It is important for the courts to be public”
Mikheil Ukleba Mikheil Ukleba, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Georgia to Ukraine

“This is a very important project, which shows the examples of justice, both positive and negative”
Oleksandr Sasevych Oleksandr Sasevych, Member of the Council of Judges of Ukraine

“People should know the truth: what happens in the court, what a court trial is, and what the consequences of the court judgements are”
Nataliia Petrova Nataliia Petrova, the USAID Fair Justice Deputy Chief of Party

“The Open Court project has initiated a unique social mission to reestablish the publicity of the trial, because many judges know of this principle and allow themselves to ignore it”
Myroslav Smorodskyi Myroslav Smorodskyi, the founder and the first President of Ukrainian American Bar Association

“As the founder and the first President of Ukrainian American Bar Association, I express complete support to the Open Court project. This project has real prospects of a long story of achievements and success”
Illya Novikov Illya Novikov, lawyer of Nadiya Savchenko

“Publicity brings a dramatic change into the judge’s behavior”
Andrii Butenko Andrii Butenko, Head of the Coordination Council of Young Lawyers of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

“It is hard to overestimate the mission initiated by the Open Court project. This is the chance to bring the court system of our country out of the “grey zone”. This is a unique attempt to regain the citizens’ trust to court procedure”
Daniel Bilak Daniel Bilak, the Managing Partner of "CMS Cameron McKenna" Law Firm

“This is a nice project”
Stepan Khmara Stepan Khmara, People’s Deputy of Ukraine of several convocations, political prisoner, Hero of Ukraine

“The projects like this must be supported”
Tetiana Kozachenko Tetiana Kozachenko, Head of the Department of lustration of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

“I am happy with every open opportunity to make public the information, which makes it possible to discipline courts, raise the level of their code of conduct, status, understanding of what is happening”
Yaroslava Johnson Yaroslava Johnson, President and CEO of Western NIS Enterprise Fund

“The Open Court project implements changes, not only legislative, but changes in the judges’ behavior”
Oleg Rachuk Oleg Rachuk, the President of the Ukrainian Advocates' Association

“Just thanks to this project we are sure that the changes, which are a goal in Ukraine today, namely building a state of law, will reflect in this project”
Stanislav Kravchenko Stanislav Kravchenko, Deputy Chairman of the High Specialized Court of Ukraine for Civil and Criminal Cases, Head of the Judicial Chamber on Criminal Cases

“When the Open Court project has started, I think, my colleagues and me, personally, didn’t respect this issue enough. But when I’ve seen the videos recorded in regions all over Ukraine, I understood that I was wrong with my initial opinion”
Mykhailo Zhernakov Mykhailo Zhernakov, Expert of the Center for Political-Judicial Reforms

“The Open Court project is a really unprecedented project. This is for the twentieth time that things to be done by the new government in Ukraine are done by the non-governmental organizations. Any change in the legislative environment is not a reform itself until put into practice. This is what the Open Court project does”
Mark Segal Mark Segal, Key Expert of the EU Project "Support to Justice Sector Reforms in Ukraine"

"Open Court shall keep a court process, justice should be done and justice should be seemed to be done. So the "Open Court" wishes to keep people a chance to see what is happening. And it is forming a bridge and a connection between the court system and a person."

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