Support the project

How you can support the project?

  • • Financial support (to purchase equipment, pay for the servers, develop and support the web page);
  • • Place banner with a link to the project on your web page;
  • • Place broadcast window of high-profile cases from our YouTube channel on your web page;
  • • Provide project coordinators with a blog, where professional comments to high-profile cases will be updated daily;
  • • Provide the project with previously used cameras, video cameras, audio recorders;
  • • Share information (through mass media, social media, and friends).

How we can thank you back?

  • • Post on our webpage about your help to the Open Court project;
  • • Provide you with announcements on high-profile cases;
  • • Provide you with high-profile cases reports before they are shared on web page;
  • • Provide you with expert comments on high-profile cases;
  • • Will be ready to support you in courts.