Open Court

Open Court Project creates standards of justice and fair rules in courts for citizens and companies. The specific character of the Open Court project is live and public monitoring of legal trials, which involves video recording of court sessions in civil, criminal, administrative, and commercial cases. Video records of court session are posted on the project’s web site, on the YouTube channel Open Court, as well as shared via social media to be watched by millions of citizens. The implementation of the initiative has become possible only since the March, 28th, 2015, after the new Law of Ukraine On ensuring the right to a fair trial came into effect. The law guarantees the possibility to make photoshoot, video and audio recording in the court room using portable video and audio equipment without special leave of court. The project provides for creating case file of professional activity of thousands of judges, prosecutors, and lawyers to reveal unprofessional performance, knowingly illegal actions and corruption in courts to the detriment of the state, the citizens, and the business. On the other hand, the project involves support and showing high professional level of judges, prosecutors, and lawyers, establishing and ensuring compliance with high standards of justice in Ukraine. An important target of the project is raising a generation of young lawyers having high beliefs on professional standards, court practice unification and providing equal application of legislation by the courts.

Project was founded by Stanislav Batryn (Head of Open Ukraine and CEO Lions Litigate Law Firm).